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Your up and the bases are loaded

so whatever you do, don't choke

10 November 1987
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People call me Michelle, I guess it's because it's my name

The Big Three For Life.

Barry Zito is undying Love.

I Love this man to death, god I want him.

Remy is love
Created by crystalic_chick

The Breakfast Club is Love.

This movie rocked! I love it!

Baseball Slash Is Love

We all know how I feel about baseball slash ;-) lol

Matthew McConaughey is yummy accent love!

I Love Matthew, he is like my fave actor!

Barry Zito and Mark Mulder will always be Oakland love

Bush is such a dumb fuck.
Made by skitz0_kitty

Rocky Horror Picture Show is love
Made by death_faerie0

This movie kicks!

Derek Jeter is love
Made by pure_sweetnesz

Baseball players are hott ass love.
by tink72

Pulp Fiction is Bad ass Mutha fucking Love

"We just saw a mother fucking merical!"

Jesse McCartney is Love.


*fans self* hottie!

Tyler Hilton is Love

Made by: _aimsnapfall__

ooo baby

Days until Bush leaves office.

Designed by georgedorn and provided by Positronic Design.

Grab your own copy here.

We will miss you Andy!

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my pet!

give Michelle more *HUGS*

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Barry Zito, when asked what power he would wish for "Be invisible. Because I'm a pervert, dude. I'd be in every girls' bathroom, locker rooms. All of it."

-Go Yankees!-